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Have a separate 'shelf' used exclusively for Swarm rather than hijacking the Shelved Files

From the point of view of a user using P4V, below the tree view item for "Shelved Files", when Swarm support was enabled, there would be an "In review" tree view item (perhaps with the Swarm logo in place of the folder icon used for "Shelves files").  This would be a second set of shelved files (a shelf, if you will) for the changelist, which would be used exclusively by Swarm.

This would benefit those that already use shelving to (1) shelve changes they have while they work on something else, (2) make their changes available to others on an ad hoc basis, or (3) continue work on a change on a different machine.

Additionally, it would allow the issue that reverting of files between uploads to a review isn't reflected by Swarm (because the reverted file isn't deleted from the "Shelved Files" - presumably due to the concern that a user might be using shelved files for one of the original uses it had before Swarm arrived) to be fixed, as files would only be added to the "In Review" shelf when either the "Request New Swarm Review" or the "Update Swarm Review" context menu item was used, so it would be safe to delete them as required by Swarm.

  • Guest
  • Sep 5 2018
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  • Guest commented
    September 07, 2018 08:55

    Another advantage, or perhaps just fleshing out what is here, is that this way the "Shelve Files" action wouldn't, to the surprise of most/all users that I have encountered, update the Swarm review.

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