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Swarm should delete shelved changelists if the changelist was submitted during a review

If you create a review and the reviewer submits the changelist, then the original shelved changelist should be removed. It is just clutter and leads to confusion about what was done. Seems to be the users job to do it currently - which shouldn't be the case.

A few possible checks need to be made, e.g. original shelved changelist is untouched, and doesn't have andy pending files (just shelved ones).

  • Robert Cowham
  • Jul 19 2015
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  • Guest commented
    August 28, 2015 19:56

    I agree with this, but my fear is that swarm is actually using those shelves for storage of all the files at each version instead of a separate cache/storage area, and by cleaning up all those shelves, you'd lose everything from those reviews except the final version and the comments

  • Adam Morriss commented
    October 17, 2017 11:03

    Functionality added in Swarm 2017.1 should do this.


    Swarm release notes, 2017.1 (

        #1504132 (Bug #90741)
            Adding new functionality that allows the automation of cleaning
            up user's pending changelist, if settings are enabled.


        #1499644 (Bug #90703)
            Adding the ability to cleanup the users pending changelist related
            to a review when committing the reviews.