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P4VS should understand the Workspace "AltRoots" field.

I often use symlinks to help distribute certain folders and branches across multiple hard drives (the projects are large and each drive can only support a few).  The addition of the AltRoot feature in Workspaces made it so that the P4 command-line commands work very well when using symlinks.  Unfortunately it looks like P4VS does evaluation outside the context of P4 commands when determining if the .sln file is in a folder under the workspace root, and does not consider the AltRoots feature when doing so.  This means that for projects I've synced to a symlink folder that P4VS does not work at all, and it's frustrating to do VS programming without active source control.

  • Don Eubanks
  • Jun 15 2016
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  • Jacob Kooijman commented
    05 Mar 16:33

    Also need this!