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P4V: integrate/resolve/submit unmerged changes one at a time, incrementally

When multiple changes needed to be integrated between branches, there are advantages to merging each change individually rather than perform a 'bulk' integrate: 1) The target branch receives a more granular history 2) If there are conflicts they tend to be easier to resolve when only dealing with a single changelist at a time 3) If you link changelists to jobs, it's nice to track each fix individually as the fix is merged 4) Time-lapse view becomes much more useful in the target branch This is actually the method recommended in the book "Practical Perforce" by Laura Wingerd: Quote: "A very practical way to integrate changes between branches is incrementally - changelist by changelist, in order. This method preserves logical changes as they're propagated from branch to branch. In also keeps the problems of reconciling, resolving, and merging files to a minimum." - Chapter 4, pg 97. Currently P4V can (optionally) perform the p4 integrate, p4 resolve and p4 submit (assuming no conflicts) automatically. However, this is a 'bulk' integration. If multiple changelists need to be merged, this process will integrate all files, across all the unmerged changelists into a single target branch submit. I would be useful if P4V had the option to merge each changelist individually, halting and prompting the user to resolve only if conflicts are encountered. Perhaps a good first target for this feature would be as a Streams only feature? It would be nice for the this feature to automatically populate the merge changelists with the following format: Merged @ from to : ----
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  • May 29 2015
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