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P4V New Pending Changelist Icons: Only Shelved & Empty

It would be nice to add two new icons for P4V pending changelists: 1) An icon for a pending changelist that contains no files (and no shelved files) 2) An icon for a pending changelist that contains only shelved files, and thus no checked out files. For the first one I suggest just hollowing out the red triangle. The latter one could then logically be the existing "Pending changelist contains shelved files" icon but with the red triangle hollowed out. That would make it super easy to identify more of the state of collapsed pending changelists without having to expand them. Why? Here's my use case: Consider an age old P4Win/P4V issue of having a checked out file hiding away in a wrong-intended changelist. This issue still bites even the most experienced of us here and there and sometimes leads to further issues such as breaking a build. To eliminate paranoia of that issue one most likely needs to take a look at all of their pending changelists' contents before submitting a given changelist. This of course does not scale well with having more pending changelists sitting around. And is annoying for collapsed changelists that one believes is in a certain state, but isn't sure without expanding it to verify. I also enjoy using P4 shelves. However, I find my use of this feature leads to me having more pending changelists checked out than before shelves were supported (not a ton in total, but definitely more). Many of my pending changelists with shelved files often contain nothing more than just shelved files; for such changelists I prefer to keep them collapsed in P4V to save in vertical screen realestate, especially so other changelists with checked out files that I'm currently modifying can show. Unfortunately these collapsed changelists negatively impact the above paranoia issue. New icons would be useful because collapsed changelists without any checked out files would be easily, speedily and reliable identifiable. In my use case, that would quickly eliminating those changelists from the paranoia of them possibly wrongly containing a checked out file that should be in some other changelist. Now, I could prefix my changelist descriptions with some token to identify their states. But changelist states change throughout development and it would be burdensome to manage that and overall unreliable. These new P4V icons would be awesome and accurate at all times.
  • Guest
  • May 29 2015