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Allow P4V Applets to be used locally by users without going through a central settings file only accessible to admin

Right now the JsApi applets for P4V can only be configured by admins through a central settings file. While this is great for maintaining consistency and ease of deployment, this is really not great for the individual who would like to write new tools to improve his workflow but can't because P4V is not allowing him to install custom applets not approved by the central settings. It would be nice if outside of the central settings the user can install additional applets just like custom tools in P4V. It's not like this is going to lead to security issues as anything the user can't do, the applet won't be able to do either. Just for reference I'm trying to build an applet to replace the "Find Files" feature in P4V as I find that slow and completely unusable. The replacement is just a webpage that would call "p4 files " and list the results in a webpage where the user can click on them to select them. Right now I have to talk to the admin to add an entry for me for the central settings etc which seems really clunky.
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  • May 29 2015
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