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Add changelist descriptions of individual changes which get copy propagated to mainline stream

when I work in my development stream I often create 3-4 changes (submitted to my development stream) sometime even more before I make a copy propagation to the main line. When copying then I loos all information and have either to retype it or to copy it out of the old changelists. Would be grat to have a button which extracts this form me (and still let me add some text, optionally).
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  • May 29 2015
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  • Erik Purins commented
    August 04, 2015 21:54

    This, a thousand times this! I have an engineer asking me how to do this right now. It's the most common thing I see users doing, cutting-and-pasting changelist descriptions from a merge.

    It would be great, if you use the filter panel in merge/integrate, if there were sensible defaults (extra text) added to new changelist default text, that matches the filter info.

    Only merging folder1/...@1234? How about showing the range/limit that was selected?

    Selectively merging changes 123, 124, and 125? How about adding a brief text line per selected change?

    We would use this feature.

    My workaround suggestion was, 'write a custom tool that interacts with the submitted changes panel'. That is maybe not the most awesome.