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Pending changelist organization

The shelve feature is naturally suited to archiving changes that may never be submitted. Things like code ideas, works in progress, and personal tweaks to configuration files. Shelving is a wonderful way to "save code for later", without cluttering the depot. If you use it enough though, the shelve changelists start to clutter your pending changelists view. It would be nice if I could put all these inactive shelves into a folder in my Pending view, so that they don't clutter up the work I'm currently doing. Simpler but slightly less awesome, would to filter on "shelved files status" in the pending changelists view. You could pick from "no shelved files", "only shelved files" or "some shelved files". Simplest would be to add a "shelved files status" column to be sorted on, so that changelists with only shelved files come last. A nice UI trick would be to put a horizontal line between the "no" + "some" groups and "only". That horizontal line would make clear which changelists you need to consider with respect to the condition of your workspace.
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  • May 29 2015
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  • Benoît Vimont commented
    July 30, 2015 16:17

    I wish P4V has an icon to tell that there is no checkouted files in a changelist (like the one for shelves or pending resolves). When I'm working with a lot of shelves they are typically not expanded and I often forgot to submit files just because there's no easy way to see that the "shelve" changelist also has checkouted files.

    To make it clearer: when looking at all my collapsed changelists, I should be able to quickly differenciate between changelists that only has shelved files and those with checkoutted files (typically because I unshelved the files).


  • adv ydv commented
    10 Feb 05:23

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