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Add "Only get revisions for files listed in changelist" default value to settings

It's a common workflow to need to get all files at a specific version to for instance match with built data or ensure the changelist is verified good to use. Currently, the value for "Only get revisions for files listed in changelist" is always checked by default (it even resets to checked on 2018.3 if selecting "Get Latest revision" then "Specify revision using" radio buttons).

It would be very useful for this common use-case workflow to have a default value specified in the preferences, instead of always using the default value of checked.

Screenshots illustrating idea:

  • Drew Silcock
  • Oct 17 2018
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  • Robert Rayner commented
    05 Mar 10:40

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  • Abdul Rameez commented
    20 Mar 11:31

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  • Patrick Marty commented
    05 Apr 16:46

    For me this behavior is actually a bug. If you uncheck the check box and then start typing a ChangeList number inside the input box "specify revision using", the check box is re-checked !