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Compare changelist against shelved files

After uploading files for review, I often continue working on the same files before actually checking them in. For example, I might follow advice from a reviewer and later want to update the review.

Now I sometimes find myself in a state where I have a dozen files checked out and shelved, and the workspace file should match the shelved file, but I'm not sure. Now I painstakingly drag each workspace file onto the shelved file for comparison.

Suggestion: Add an option to compare all shelved files to all checked-out files in the same changelist. The trigger action could be dragging the shelf icon onto the changelist icon, or it could be an option in the context menu of the shelf.

If a simpler thing already exists, please comment. Thanks!

  • Jan Schormann
  • May 14 2018
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  • Mike Healey commented
    23 Jan 17:00

    It appears to work if you shift-click to select all the shelved files in P4V, then right click and select "Compare against workspace file". The diff program is opened for each changed file. It looks like there is a bug when it shows a summary of unchanged files, because the list is completely blank.

  • raa aa commented
    04 Apr 11:16

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