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Streams: Switch

When you switch from streamA to streamB, P4V doesn't use the command 'switch', it uses 'client -f -s -S stream'+ 'sync'. Which means:

- you don't benefit the 'switch ' pluses:

* reconcile before doing anything, thus your workspace, if reused, becomes a mess

* management of switch options (-Rx)

* automatic shelving of opened files in the default Changelist

It'd be very useful for all users, to be allowed to use 'switch' if they prefer. Either through an entry in 'Preferences -> Streams', or a server configurable (easier for managing the deployment to all users)

Adding a way to get a 'clean' would be welcome, since for now, really, with p4v, it is not obvious not to get a real mess, when switching from a stream to another, whereas it could be so convenient, if it was working properly.

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  • Jan 30 2017
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