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Support .p4ignore without the need for P4IGNORE environment variable

In git, ".gitignore" and "gitignore" files are automatically used.
- The '.' prefix is effectively optional due to difficulty of creating this file under Windows.

However, Perforce does not use p4ignore at all unless the filename is explicitly set in an environment variable.

This leads to some users forgetting to create the environment variable, or making a typo and thus accidentally committing files they should not, which then need to be obliterated.

Perforce should use the ".p4ignore" and "p4ignore" automatically unless the P4IGNORE environment variable is set to something else.

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  • Mar 14 2016
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    February 02, 2017 17:35

    I believe we have some users who set and unset this variable to toggle the behavior.
    Changing this would break their scripts. We would want a configurable. ignoreignoringp4ignore?