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Option to delete shelved changes upon submit was taken away in 15.2. Please at least make it an option.

In 15.1, when you submitted a changelist with shelved changes you had the option of removing shelved changes by answering yes to the popped message box.  This was taken away in 15.2 and now simply refuses to submit, so you have to manually delete the shelved files before submitting.

  • Patrick Bennett
  • Dec 14 2015
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  • Filippo Banno' commented
    January 06, 2016 12:54

    The new behavior is really annoying. Most of my changelists get shelved at least once at some point before they are submitted.This means basically an extra step every time I submit a changelist.

  • Jelke van Hoorn commented
    December 07, 2016 16:04

    Please, make an option. This creates extra work!!

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