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Driving P4Merge entirely using the keyboard

Using a mouse to merge thousands of files is tedious. It would also be great if the shortcuts could be customised as Ctrl-1/2 etc isn't very convenient. Ideally I could use one hand to go through changes, and the other to select base, source or target.
  • Guest
  • May 29 2015
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  • Andy Clapham commented
    September 23, 2015 14:13

    +1 on this, in fact just having a keyboard shortcut for base source or target would be a start.

  • Jan Simonek commented
    October 14, 2015 11:07

    +1 At least a way how to customize ctr+1/2.

  • Guest commented
    November 13, 2015 19:27

    I fully agree with this sentiment, though I'd also like to offer my personal go-to workaround for cases like this: AutoHotkey. You can fairly easily configure a script to map a different set of hot-keys to Ctrl+1/+2 for only P4Merge.

  • Shawn Murphy commented
    March 08, 2016 12:43

    I'm coming to a new job where Perforce is used.  I used WinMerge in the past and it was very quick and easy to merge differences.  Why? Hands on the keyboard with a Alt+Lt/Rt arrow key to send a change to one file or the other and Alt+Up/Down arrow to move between differences.  I like P4Merges' display of a base, change set, and workspace versions so it will need to only allow changes to the "workspace" version.  Just need a way to designate which version to keep in the workspace.  Perhaps Ctrl+4 (changeset), Ctrl+5 (base), Ctrl+6 (workspace).  Looking at a number pad layout, 4 is to the left (changeset), 5 in the middle (base), and 6 on the right (workspace).  That way it is intuitive with looking at the screen layout of the files.  Thanks for making this happen and improving our throughput!

  • G Rapphammar commented
    April 20, 2016 14:31

    +1. I do really miss using keys to pick, make it configurable please.

    Ctrl/cmd [4] [5] [6], or [L] [M] [R] to pick the correct change

    Shift Ctr[4] [5] [6], or [L] [M] [R] to add or remove that change 

    And the order of change selection should be respected (by mouse or keyboard),
    if I start with none then press [L] then [R] they should appear in that order.


    Otherwise really good tool.

  • Kamil Dziedzic commented
    June 29, 2018 12:17

    I thought p4merge could replace outdated interface of kdiff3, indeed interface works smooth, but the lack of hotkeys to pick changes makes it useless to me. kdiff3 allows to quickly pick/switch changes from all 3 windows making it really easy to understand conflict and do changes.


    Meh, going back to kdiff3.