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Deleted stream still appears in P4V Depot Tree - mark and filter them

Deleted stream still appears in P4V Depot Tree: The solution is clear, it is just will be very useful if deleted (task) streams can appear with some special mark which flags the user that the stream task is deleted, and that the relevant options like "work in this stream" will be removed/greyed-out from right click - right now it shows errors on deleted task streams. Another request, even more important, is to add an option to filter depots - filter deleted streams - normally you don't want to see them. Also add an option to filter deleted (task) streams from file revision graph, and save/manage these filters, many deleted task streams makes the graph hard to understand. As task stream is intended to be deleted, P4V is very missing these options.
  • Guest
  • May 29 2015
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  • Guest commented
    November 02, 2015 16:34

    Currently I don't think the idea of really temporary task stream is usable in P4V.


    Really quickly the depot tree view is cluttered with deleted task streams, and you have a hard time to find your official release and development branch.

    There should be a global option to hide deleted task stream from the depot view, and the various windows displaying the different branches.

  • Christian Sasseville commented
    February 27, 2017 20:53

    I agree with the guest comment here.

    Task stream are useless if they do exactly the same thing as a development stream but just hides part of it to others.

    On our last project we end up with more than 90 streams and promised ourselves never to do that again. I can easily see our previous situation getting worse if we start using task stream for user branch or feature branch. That would just be insane to maintain.

    Instead, we'll re-use development and release branch to keep that to and all-time low.