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Add a "Shutdown" option to P4Admin

P4Admin has been a wonderful tool for remotely administering my perforce server. However, whenever I need to perform maintenance on the server, I find shutting down the server to be quite tedious. Because I work with multiple P4 servers on a daily basis, I rely on the connection support of P4V to manage the details for me. I've already posted another suggestion that it would be nice to have an "Open Command Prompt" in P4 but for an action as common as shutting down the server, this really should be its own action in P4Admin (most likely tied to an "Are you sure?" dialog). Currently, I have to check and double check my environment variables to ensure that P4 in the command prompt is communicating with the right server before I shut it down. This gui option would be incredibly helpful as it means I can do a quick visual check at the P4Admin title bar to verify I'm connected to the right server.
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  • May 29 2015
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