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I dream of a microsubmit feature.

It would be a bit similar to the shelve function but more powerful. Let me explain. When you work during a long time on a file, there are chances that you want to test or to share ideas. But you don't necessarily want to submit your work all the time, because it takes space in the depot but also because the revision history will be difficult to browse as the submitted revisions may not be very relevant. Still you may want to benefit from the power of your favorite revision system during your work. So I dream of a microsubmit feature that would behave mostly like submit, allowing me to come back and forth through history and allowing others to see the work in progress. When the work is done, P4V would allow me to submit the microrevisions I would like to keep. Today the shelve function acts a bit like that but allows only one revision and I would prefer to benefit from unlimited revisions.
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  • May 29 2015
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