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User wildcard for protection table rules

To provide each user with a private area in the depot, one has to write a series of protection rules, such as: write user alice * //depot/private/alice/... write user bob * //depot/private/bob/... etc... When the user base is large, this can become tedious and could also result in a lot of db.protect scanning. It would be great to have a user wildcard, which would allow the above to be written in one line, for example: write user %user% * //depot/private/%user%/... This would add an extra step when parsing the protection table, whereby %user% would have to be substituted by the user actually running the command. But that one line could potentially replace thousands of rules.
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  • May 29 2015
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  • Jeff Anton commented
    July 27, 2015 18:06

    db protect scanning for users hasn't been too bad and usually groups can handle things.  We prune down rules by user fast and we always read all the protections table anyways.  This isn't going to save performance time much, but does make admin easier.