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p4 proxy cleans itself automagically and then preloads with a defined clientspec

p4 proxy requires manual maintence to clean. It doesnt clean itself out of the box. To clean the cache you must stop p4p, clean the cache, start the proxy. Or write your own script to stop, clean and then restart p4p. Once manually cleaned or scripted clean you have to re-populate the cache again either manually or again via a script. Why cant this be inbuild as its so simply to improve out the box experience? (and for those who forget to clean the cache and wonder why things stop working :) Id like to see it automagically cleans itself either after so many days or when it reachs a threshold of so many GB's full or % full or there is only so many GB's free / or % free on the disk. Or files which havent been touched in the last X days etc you get the idea... Also in addtion to cleaning out the cache it then preloads with a defined client spec. Something along the lines of : p4p -clean 10 days -prefetch clientspec1 or p4p -limit 50GB -prefetch projectspec1,customclientspec2 or p4p -keeppercentfree 10 -prefetch largeprojectclientspec10 Surely an easy win here?
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  • May 29 2015
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