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More separation in P4ROOT

I noticed these inconveniences:

When rebuilding a server from a checkpoint, I have to manually delete or move several dozen files, and the instructions differ between the Failover Guide and the SDP Guide:

  • `db.*`
  • `state`
  • `rdr.lbr`
  • `save` subdirectory

While needing to keep:

  • license

I've made mistakes here before. I like how the SDP procedures imply that the P4ROOT is separate from the server.depot.root.

In addition, I have `p4tickets.txt` and `p4trust.txt` files for each instance that don't really have a good place in the layout. For each file, there's a separate setting, even though they are normally expected to sit side-by-side.


Add another subdirectory "config" for the instance to contain these files:

  • license
  • p4tickets.txt
  • p4trust.txt

Keep these in the root directory: db.*, save, state, etc.

Now I can safely delete everything in the root directory prior to rebuilding from a checkpoint, and there's a nice place for both the license and the p4tickets.txt.

Along with idea P4D-I-178 (instance configuration shortcut), moving these files to a separate config directory should be the default on new installations.

  • Jan Schormann
  • Jan 3 2019
  • Attach files
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