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Make backing out an integration work properly

Currently, backing out an integration does not un-mark the source revisions as integrated in the destination.  This means that any future attempt to integrate those revisions must be forced, with all of the attendant risk that entails; there is currently no way to actually "undo" an integration, such that P4 will behave as though it never happened.  This has caused repeated problems at my company.

A "Back out" or "Revert" of an integration should cause the previously integrated source revisions to be considered "non-integrated" with respect to any target revisions on or after the BackOut/Revert revision.

It seems like this will require at least one "deep" change to the P4 revision data model, to allow a revision to specify that it "un-integrates" content from a previously integrated source.  The "Revision Graph" tool will need some way to denote this (perhaps a hollow arrowhead in a new color?)

  • Scott Colcord
  • Mar 23 2017
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