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Add command buffering capability to p4broker.

During  scheduled p4d downtimes it would be nice if the broker could buffer commands so that they didn't fail.

Our engineers run a lot of automated jobs 24/7. Even the weekly backup script (which we modified to wait only as long as it needs to rather than the full 30 seconds for a server to stop) has a downtime window long enough for numerous jobs to fail.

Our methodology group asked whether the broker could buffer commands during these windows. This could take any number of forms in terms of the config file but the key points would be:

1) We need a way to tell the broker that buffering should be in effect for a given target.

2) Any commands hitting the broker that would go to that server would go into a FIFO queue until the specified time was up. They would then proceed normally.

3) An option to say "until the specified time is up or the server is back online" would be ideal.

4) An option to throttle the flow from the FIFO after the target was available would be great; this would help avoid swamping the server.


A less ideal but better than nothing alternative would be a way to return a specific message for anything hitting a given target during a time window as above.

An option to do this until a server came back up would be good as well.


We would be happy to suggest config file syntax changes to accommodate this.

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  • Mar 21 2016
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