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Make p4ignore syntax match gitignore syntax.

(copied from my forum post here:

I'm pleased to see Perforce honoring gitignore files because we have many cases of generated files living in the same directory as hand-edited files. However, we've been burned by the lack of features in Perforce's parsing of .gitignore (or .p4ignore) files.

The full list of differences that I am aware of:

The biggest problem case for us is like so:

Suppose you have two files "toolbox/foo/bar.h" and "toolbox/foo/private/bar.h". The higher file is generated by stripping private information out of the copy in the "private" folder.

  toolbox/foo/bar.h <- derived
  toolbox/foo/private/bar.h <- hand-edited

In git, we can add "toolbox/foo/.gitignore" containing:

    # generated from private/bar.h

In Perforce, we need to add two files:

    # generated from private/bar.h


    # not generated

This gets really annoying when trying to ignore a file with a common name near the top of your working tree. For example, if you have a generated "Makefile" at the top of your tree and the rest of your Makefile's are hand-edited.

Ben Martin



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  • Aug 17 2015
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  • Jan Schormann commented
    December 04, 2015 08:43

    In this article:

    Sven says that this is implemented in 2015.2. Can you confirm that?

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