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More granular control around changing permission

It would be great if there were more granular controls around who can grant access to certain areas (branches/depots) for a Perforce server. Currently, to change permissions, a user needs the "admin" permission level. Once this is granted, that user can control permissions for the entire server (and all depots hosted on that server). Specifying group owners can address this issue up to a point (managing who has general access for an area). This still requires an admin with full access to the server and all depots/projects to set up the groups initially (and maintain as new projects are introduced). This also doesn't scale well with a process where branches are locked down during a release hardening phase and access is only granted on a per-file basis. When specifying the "admin" permission level for a user, I would like to specify what depots or branch paths they have admin rights on, and only allow them to make permission changes that affect those depots/branches.
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  • May 29 2015
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